Dead Tree Removal

dead tree removal

Unfortunately, like all of nature’s bounty, our tree friends will die. Sometimes, for whatever reason, homeowners leave these gentle giants standing years after the last leaves have fallen. Possibly, this is because they are accustomed to the tree’s presence in a unique space in their landscape and do not wish to experience the effect of its departure. At times, a large tree may serve as a privacy barrier, even without foliage.

In any case, keeping a dead and rotting tree around can have some serious adverse effects.



Problems Caused by Dead Trees

Quickly removing a tree that has been pronounced dead is essential for several reasons. In many cases, a large dead tree will create other issues that may add additional expense and perhaps long-term headaches. Homeowners should seek the advice of a landscape professional or certified arborist to provide advice about removing the tree and replacing it with another tree or landscape feature.

Trees that have died and are decaying are likely to create the following problems.

  • Attract termites and certain rodents that may eventually find their way to your home or garage.
  • Develop contagious diseases or succumb to a condition that can quickly spread to other plants and trees.
  • Limbs can begin to break off during windy days, possibly damaging other landscape features, roofs and gutters, or injuring passers-by.
  • Dead trees will eventually fall over. Homeowners sometimes underestimate the height and weight of a tree until a windstorm drops it on their house. The damage from a large tree can be substantial.
  • Dead trees become eyesores over time and should be removed.

Removing a Large Tree

Massive tree removal can be a complicated operation depending on the accessibility, location, and proximity to other structures and power lines. In any case, removal is a job for an experienced professional with the right equipment and trained personnel. Due to the size of the tree, a crane may be necessary to remove upper branches carefully without causing peripheral damage below.

Because dead trees can create significant problems, removal is essential. Homeowners should contact tree removal services to remove the problem before more serious issues arise.

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