How Does Investing in Your Community Grow Your Landscape Business?

community gatheringIt is a fact that socially responsible companies get more business. Whether they operate on a global scale or a local scale, companies that give back to their communities tend to grow faster and remain stable longer than the competition. If you run a landscape business, you are in a unique position to give back to your community. Chances are good that you want to invest in your community because you care about your neighbors and the place in which you live, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be secondary financial gain for your business. Here is why it is good for your bottom line when you invest in your local community.

Boost Awareness

If you install the landscaping at your local community center, high school, or shelter, you are not only dong good for that organization, you are spreading word of your skills and your generosity. You can be sure that people will want to hire you when they see your work and learn that you donated time, money, and materials. It is really no different than spending on direct advertising, except that you get to do some good in the process. Remember, there is nothing wrong with leaving a sign behind that lets people know who did the work.

Better Employee Retention

It is common knowledge that retaining talent is critical for businesses, particularly after money is invested in training and educating employees. A positive reputation for your company often translates into a positive reputation among the local professional community. Additionally, the goodwill that your company fosters will transfer to employees and boost morale. Workers can tell friends, family, and acquaintances about the company they work for and feel good about it.

Free Media Attention

There is nothing that the media likes more than a feel-good story about a local business doing charity work. It is almost a guarantee that if you invest in goodwill projects that a reporter will show up, probably with cameras, to take note of what you do and to praise your efforts.

Build Partnerships

Chances are good that when you are involved in improving your community, you will be joined in your efforts by other like-minded business people. The chance to work with these individuals is a chance to build partnerships that will benefit you in your for-profit work. It is a great way to get to know people in a low pressure environment and build relationships that will benefit everyone for years.

Indirect Benefits Are the Largest

Improving your community can have a number of indirect benefits. For instance, your efforts may be part of a larger local or regional effort to attract grant money to improve roads, schools, downtown commerce, business parks, and more. Making your community a nice place to live and do business is a great way to attract people and financial investment. Indirect benefits can be hard to quantify, but the bottom line is that investment in your community will almost always pay off in the form of happier neighbors, better business relationships, and an improved local economy.