Benefits Of A Professional Tree Planting Service

tree planting service
Trees can make a positive difference in your home and surroundings. As time passes, trees mature and spread shade and a cooling canopy over your property. Besides offering the benefits of energy reducing cooling in the summer, mature trees provide a comforting, natural element to your yard.

In addition to supplying essential oxygen to the environment, U.S. Forest Service reports that healthy, mature trees:

  • Remove carbon monoxide and other pollutants and provide oxygen
  • Save up to 56% on air conditioning and can reduce heating costs by 3%
  • Absorb up to 1,390 gallons of rainwater per year, thereby preventing damaging floods

There won’t be these benefits unless the trees are kept healthy. Making sure trees are healthy, professionally planted or transplanted, and are in the right locations is essential. Working with professional tree services is vital to sustaining a long and healthy life for your trees.

Tree Planting the Right Way

Getting a proper start is a critical first step for a healthy tree. Planting or transplanting in the right spot after the ground has thawed, ensuring the appropriate soil type and density, choosing the best time of the year for the climate, and transporting and planting without damaging the root systems are essential elements.

Choosing the Planting Site

An expert tree planting service can advise the best sites for planting trees. Selecting the right location depends on the type, mature size, type of adjacent plantings and, of course, the relative position of the home and outdoor recreation areas. Recognizing the location of any powerlines is essential, as well as access to a water source.

Proper Soil Types

Expert tree planting services test the soil to ensure the location is right. Ground that is sandy causes water to drain too quickly. Dense clay soils cause puddling on the surface that may prevent water from penetrating deeply enough to accommodate proper root development. Experts will add the necessary material to ensure adequate water retention.

Proper Planting Equipment and Techniques

Damaging trees and root balls can result in killing the tree. Professional tree planting services use ProLine™ equipment to protect trees from damage during transport and planting. The tools gently lift, carry, and deposit the root ball into the ground.

Heritage Oak Farms draws upon their decades of tree management experience to develop their nursery management equipment. For questions about their ProLine equipment, contact Heritage Oak Farm at 888.288.5308.