ProLine™ Pot Handler

The ProLine™ Pot Handler™ is designed for specific jobs such as moving potted trees and figurines which are unique to nurseries, tree farms and commercial landscapers. It is not safe or productive to move pots and trees with standard skid steer attachments. The ProLine™ Pot Handler™ was engineered by nurserymen with real-life experiences in landscape and tree farm businesses. We discovered that most nursery equipment on the market either did not work or would cause damage to potted plants, trees and the pot itself.

Our unique pot handler is one of a kind, with four padded paws covered in durable rubber which has been proven to last up to ten years of heavy use. The only padded, adjustable pot handler of its kind, the ProLine™ Pot Handler™ can easily move pots up to 40-inches in diameter without damaging terracotta pots or garden figurines.

The pot handler attachment fits any of the four models of the ProLine™ GRABBERS™ and answers the call to specific tree moving and transplanting needs.

ProLine™ Pot Handler™ Advantages

The ProLine™ Pot Handler™ is designed with adjustable paddles lined with durable rubber which absorbs impact during loading or moving. The unique design and specially selected, durable rubber protects all types of delicate pots such as terra cotta and unfinished ceramic pots by absorbing impact to prevent chipping or damage.

You can even safely move soft pots without causing damage to freshly potted plants and trees. Freshly planted pots and loose soil can take months to settle and eliminate air pockets. Moving freshly planted pots with other equipment can damage the pot and the plants as the soil is loose and not fully compacted. Our pot handler will encircle hard or soft pots and minimizes distortion when moving soft pots before the planting medium has settled.

Early in the design process, we considered wear and tear on the rubber paddles to eliminate the need for replacing rubber grips due to abrasive materials. The rubber compound chosen on the ProLine™ Pot Handler™ is soft enough to absorb impact but tough enough to be abrasion-resistant.

The many advantages of the unique ProLine™ Pot Handler™ include:

  • Protects pots – eliminate impact and jarring to reduce damage to various types of pots. No-slip grip means even larger pots will not slip from the durable rubber paddles.
  • Protects trees – other pot handling and moving equipment can damage freshly planted trees when soil is loose or not sturdy.
  • Resists wear and tear – Durable rubber that resists abrasion preventing early wear and tear.
  • Compact design – operators can safely work in very tight spaces that other skid steer equipment cannot get into.
  • Increases productivity – Safely move freshly potted plants and trees with no need to wait for freshly potted materials to settle. Plant it, move it, and move on.
  • Costs less than comparable equipment – the ProLine™ GRABBER™ and attachments provide better solutions at a fraction of the cost to nurseries and landscape professionals.

ProLine™ offers these many advantages with our custom-designed ProLine™ GRABBER™, Pot Handler™, and other attachments. You can have confidence in our decades of nursery and landscape experience as well as our custom designed and engineered equipment.

ProLine™ is set apart from the competition with the unique ability to custom design equipment which meets the unique needs of the nursery and landscape professional. We design, engineer and manufacture tree moving and planting equipment which outperforms comparable products for a fraction of the cost. Contact us to learn more about nursery and landscape equipment solutions including the ProLine™ Pot Handler™.