The Ultimate Tree Spade: ProLine™ SHOVEL

The ProLine™ SHOVEL™ is an extremely versatile tree spade that offers many solutions beyond spading and transplanting trees. The ProLine™ SHOVEL™, commonly called a skid steer shovel, is an ideal alternative to standard hydraulic tree spades when high volume digging is not required. The compact design eliminates the bulk of most tree spades making it ideal for many applications such as:

  • Single use for property owners
  • Commercial landscapers
  • Portability and repeated usage at tree farms
  • Commercial nurseries for field management
  • Municipality or county maintenance departments for on-site transplanting

ProLine™’s SHOVEL™ is ideal for many landscaping projects such as on-site tree transplanting, moving mulch or stone, building rock walls, digging out cull trees or stumps, scraping shallow trenches or precisely placing wet concrete. The compact design is easier for individuals to maneuver and is considerably less expensive than hydraulic tree spades.

ProLine™ SHOVEL™ Tree Spade Specifications

The ProLine™ SHOVEL™ tree spade offers versatility in a compact design without compromising performance. This skid steer shovel can still handle the same size of trees as other equipment in this product class, including rootballs up to 50” in diameter. A landscaper can extract a uniformly shaped tree rootball with just three or four thrusts around the tree base.

ProLine™’s SHOVEL™ is fabricated with a 3/8” thick, abrasion-resistant steel frame and spans the full width of the mounting plate (approximately 46”) extending 45” from front to back. Our innovative design includes a hardened cutting edge for trouble-free work in difficult conditions including rocky soils. Additionally, all stress points are welded and gusseted for additional strength.

ProLine™ SHOVEL™ Benefits

This compact and versatile tree spade from ProLine™ offers many benefits that satisfy commercial business owners and individuals alike. We invite you to compare this model, point-for-point, to any other shovel on the market. The many features and benefits of the ProLine™ SHOVEL™ include:

  • Reliable equipment design that is ideal for tree transplanting at farms and other locales
  • The compact design allows usage in tight areas around the home or building exteriors—remove overgrown bushes, shrubs or trees
  • This equipment is considerably more precise than standard bucket tree spade designs
  • Dig up and remove tree stumps
  • Move landscaping materials, mulch, or even move and place small boulders

The SHOVEL™ tree spade from ProLine™ is a durable, affordable product for all of your dirtiest projects that would normally require three-hand shovels and a wheelbarrow.

ProLine™ provides landscape and nursery solutions with customized equipment at a fraction of the cost of comparable equipment. We design, engineer and manufacture landscape and nursery equipment which increases efficiency while maintaining tree health and vitality. Contact us to learn more about our full product line of proven nursery equipment including the popular, compact and versatile SHOVEL™ tree spade.