ProLine™ Pot Forks

The ProLine™ Pot Fork™ is a unique pot moving tool which effortlessly moves multiple pots at once to significantly improve efficiency in your nursery or landscape business. This unique pot fork is an important pot moving tool which promotes efficiency, profitability and a well-kept nursery growing or loading yard.

ProLine™ Pot Fork™ Innovative Design

At ProLine™, we listened to our customers and have designed the most innovative and efficient pot mover ever – the ProLine™ Pot Fork™. We understand the type of time-consuming, back-breaking work that moving trees and containers can be. ProLine™ is dedicated to improving efficient nursery operations, which is the most important aspect of a profitable business.
The ProLine™ Pot Fork™ will easily move pots anywhere from 1 gallon to 25 gallons with adjustable spacing tines. The machine operator can set the width of each tine to accommodate whatever size container is being moved. It’s never been easier to move pots from one location to another within your nursery or your landscape job, regardless of the size of your operation.
The mounting bar can be custom-built to hold as many sets of tines as necessary to fill a 10 foot width. Each set of tines, when adjusted to a one-gallon container, will hold 20 pots each. You can literally move 200 one-gallon pots at one time with ease. Best of all, there is no need to purchase additional equipment. The ProLine™ Pot Fork™ mounting bar is custom built to fit your existing skid steer or loader.

ProLine™ Pot Fork™ Benefits

The innovative ProLine™ Pot Fork™ provides many features and benefits to obtain maximum value with nursery equipment. The value of investing in quality nursery equipment can only be measured by the time and money it saves. If you’re tired of the arduous task of moving just a few pots at a time, let ProLine™ show you how you can increase productivity and realize the following benefits:

  • Adjustable spacing of the tines.
  • Accommodates different container sizes simultaneously.
  • Easily moves pots and containers as small as 1 gallon up to 25 gallons.
  • Ability to move up to 200 one-gallon containers at once.
  • Each ProLine™ Pot Fork™ is custom-built, with off-the-shelf components.
  • The mounting bar is custom built to fit any existing loader or skid steer.
  • Mounting bar can be customized anywhere from 40 inches to 120 inches wide.
  • Customer specifies the number of tines.
  • Overall width of forks is fabricated to your specifications (12 inches wide is the typical setting for moving a 10-gallon pot).
  • We carry the slats in stock and can have a custom-designed pot fork within 10 days.
  • Cost is a small fraction of the cost of comparable products.

By custom building the ProLine™ Pot Fork™ specifically for your needs, you will see immediate results in the efficiency of your nursery operation. Your yard will continuously look beautifully maintained and your customers will keep coming back again and again.

You can have confidence in our decades of experience with nurseries and landscape equipment. We design, engineer and manufacture custom equipment to meet specific needs of the nursery and landscape professional for a fraction of the cost of comparable equipment. Contact us to learn how to work smarter, not harder, with custom nursery equipment such as the ProLine™ Pot Fork™.