Tree Planting Equipment

The ProLine™ GRABBER™ is tree planting equipment developed by nurserymen with Mechanical Engineering degrees observing what was missing in the current product market. The GRABBER™ and accessories do a better job of transporting trees for planting or transplanting than other tree grabbing equipment. Our tree GRABBER™ maintains the health and vitality of trees by cradling balled and burlapped (B&B) trees without needing a helper on the ground.

The GRABBER™ by ProLine™ is available in two full-sized models, 20/36 or 32/54 with a varying diameter clamping force to accommodate tree root balls up to 54 inches in diameter. The tree GRABBER™ easily attaches to auxiliary hydraulics on any domestic or import skid steer machine. We offer adaptations with euro mount solutions for imported skid steer machines.

The ProLine™ GRABBERMINI™ provides the same labor-saving benefits as its big brothers but is downsized to fit the smaller, walk-behind skid steers. The GRABBERMINI™ is smaller and lighter, but just as tough!

ProLine™ GRABBER™ Tree Planting Equipment Features

The GRABBER™ tree planting equipment product line offers many features which include:

  • Load and unload B&B material quickly, safely, and with no helpers
  • Uniquely shaped paddles cradle the plant or tree rootball, preventing distortion and damage
  • Ensures stability of the load as it’s being transported
  • Two models to fit any full-size skid steer equipment
  • Quickly attaches to skid steers with auxiliary hydraulics
  • Safely handles rootballs 14″ to 54″ in size
  • Model 20/36 transports multiple plants with the FORQUES™ attachment, up to three 24″ size. Change from paddles to FORQUES in seconds
  • Telescoping arms on Model 20/36 extend reach over 8 ft. to load from one side of the trailer
  • Unique paddle design permits retrieval of healed-in or in-ground B&B stock
  • Move and place boulders up to 3000 lbs. with Models 20/36 or 32/54
  • The ProLine™ GRABBERMINI™ is intended for mini-walk-behind machines such as the Dingo, Ramrod, Ditchwitch, Thomas, Vermeer, and several others. Machines like the Power Trac and the Bobcat MT52/MT55 require an optional adaptor to accommodate their special mounting plates.

ProLine™ GRABBER™ Features Video

ProLine™ GRABBER™ Tree Planting Equipment Benefits

The ProLine™ GRABBER™ cradles B&B plant material to maintain tree vitality as opposed to other tree planting equipment which can squeeze the rootball to the point of damage. This unique tree GRABBER™ is beneficial in moving healed in trees as these rootballs are typically irrigated daily and covered with crushed stone and wood chips.

Traditional tree moving equipment will dig in and grab the root ball along with stones and wood chips, dropping all of this extra trash material onto the trailer. Our tree GRABBER™ allows for this extra material to fall away while gently cradling the tree rootball, preserving that material for re-use in the nursery or sales yard.

While the tree GRABBER™ is primarily used to transport trees for replanting, it can also be used to move containers and large boulders. There is no question that the ProLine™ Tree GRABBER™ is cleaner and easier on the rootball and requires less labor than other comparable equipment, at a fraction of the cost.

For the tree nurseryman or landscape professional, the GRABBER™ is essential for the efficient and safe movement of your tree stock, nursery, and landscape material.

ProLine™ GRABBER™ Tree Moving Equipment Accessories

Need to move multiples or odd shapes? How about that once-in-a-while task of moving an oversized tree? The ProLine™ GRABBER™ supports many accessories such as:

  • FORQUES™ tree forks
  • Pot Handler
  • Tree tyer
  • Pot forks

All accessories quick-attach to the ProLine™ GRABBER™ and are easy to switch out in seconds by simply pulling a pin and allowing one to drop off, then pinning another accessory in place. Our experienced engineering and landscape professionals can help you decide which model and accessories are best for your application. We will custom design the most beneficial tree grabbing solution for you depending on the type of soil, the weight and length of trees or material to be moved and the frequency of encountering various sizes.


ProLine™ Grabber 20/36
ProLine™ Grabber 32/54
335 lbs.
295 lbs.
325 lbs.
100 in.
100 in.
84 in.
84 in.


The ProLine™ GRABBER™ and accessories offer a better solution than other tree moving equipment, at a fraction of the cost over comparable products. Proline™ offers the unique ability to customize your nursery and landscaping equipment needs, with over 20 years of providing a better solution to tree farmers and nurseries. Contact us to learn more about our full product line including the versatile, reliable and efficient Proline GRABBER™ tree planting equipment.