ProLine™ Tree Auger

The ProLine™ Tree Auger provides unique advantages with improved efficiency, productivity and the safe handling of trees. ProLine™ offers nursery equipment designed to maintain the vitality of trees through careful handling and cradling of tree root balls. All equipment is designed from hands-on experience, is field-tested and must pass strict quality control requirements.

ProLine™ Tree Auger Specifications

The tree Auger by ProLine™ is available in varying sizes to meet specific requirements and features a patented tapered design. This tapered design with cutting teeth on each flight provides many benefits, outperforming comparable tree augers for less cost. Custom designed from hands-on experience, this tree Auger features the following specifications:

  • A patented tapered design provides the optimal hole for planting any size of tree easily and efficiently.
  • Incorporates cutting teeth on each step of flighting which results in a much cleaner hole then most two-stage augers.
  • The ProLine™ Tree Auger is engineered with a 25° angle and includes one replaceable tooth per half revolution. This makes a hole that will easily handle most tree baskets.
  • Sizes available from 24” to 48”, with standard sizes 36”, 42”and 48”.
  • The hexagonal drive shaft prevents slippage and makes mounting easy on any existing drive head.

ProLine™ Tree Auger Advantages

The ProLine™ Tree Auger cuts through the hardest soil conditions like a hot knife through butter and keeps the walls of the hole where they belong, not falling back into the hole. This means no hand digging, no hand cleaning out of the hole and much less backfilling. This unique tree Auger offers many advantages such as:

  • Tapered tree Auger closely matches the taper on a root ball, creating the perfect hole with firm sides up against a firm rootball.
  • The tapered angle achieves the perfect pitch which requires minimum backfilling and tying.
  • Powerful tapered Auger digs the perfect hole with no hand digging required.
  • Faster planting time promotes efficient use of labor.
  • Trees are planted with greater stability for tree health and vitality.
  • The ProLine™ Tree Auger provides these advantages and many others which provide cost-saving efficiencies and promote a clean, healthy nursery.

    ProLine™ is recognized for designing custom landscape equipment which provides a better solution to tree farmers and nurseries for more than 20 years. Our nursery and landscape equipment is proven to outperform comparable equipment at a fraction of the cost. Contact us to learn more about our full product line including the patented, tapered ProLine™ Tree Auger.