ProLine™ Tree Tyer

The ProLine™ tree tyer is a productive and extremely cost-effective solution for quickly and easily tying trees, even heavily branched evergreens such as Colorado Spruces. Fully automatic tree tyers are quite expensive and still require a person on the ground to tie the sisal (twine) onto the branch to begin the tying process. Semi-automatic and fully automatic tree tyers typically come in specific sizes only, which means an operator must switch out and replace a tyer ring with the proper size to tie and move a specific tree.

An automatic tree tyer is quite expensive and unaffordable to those other than commercial diggers or large nurseries and still requires a person on the ground. Our semi-automatic tree tyer gently lifts and compresses the tree branches into a compact shape for manual tying.

The unique design features a preliminary positioning ring that pre-positions the branches before the primary ring gathers them more tightly for wrapping. The unique design has the ability to bypass one side with the other to form smaller circles that are adjustable on the finished size. This design reduces the stress on the branches and results in dramatically less branch breakage and scarring of their underside.

ProLine™ Tree Tyer Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of the ProLine™ Tree Tyer is the cost savings over comparable equipment. Used as an attachment to the ProLine™ GRABBER™, you can utilize the existing framework of the GRABBER and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in equipment costs. With the ProLine™ Tree Tyer, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a stand-alone tree tyer.

Maintaining tree health is always a top concern when designing our equipment and the ProLine™ Tree Tyer meets the needs of nurseries with cost-efficient, productive solutions that maintain tree health and vitality.

ProLine™ offers equipment solutions to nursery and landscape professionals, with high performance and less cost over comparable equipment. We design, engineer and manufacture custom equipment which promotes tree health and vitality with increased productivity. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of our custom designed tree tyer.