Ultimate Tree Forks: ProLine™ FORQUES™

ProLine™ FORQUES™ is the ultimate tree forks, offering a better product at a better price over comparable equipment. Like other tree forks, the ProLine™ FORQUES™ is designed to move multiple root balls allowing you to pick up two to three trees at one time. This can double or triple productivity when moving multiple trees compared to moving one tree at a time with a typical tree grabber.

ProLine™ FORQUES™ Tree Forks Advantage

ProLine™ FORQUES™ is designed to move multiple root balls like many other types of tree forks, although our tree forks differ greatly from any competitor equipment with many unique advantages. The ProLine™ FORQUES™ is an attachment for the ProLine™ GRABBER, providing the ability to move single or multiple trees at much less cost, often 1/2 of other, single-use equipment.

Some other brands of tree forks claim to provide the ability to safely move single root balls, although theirs are just bad design which adds cost with no real safety for the tree or the operator. The GRABBER™ with FORQUES™ attachment provides versatility, safety and significant cost savings over other models of tree moving and planting equipment.

With the GRABBER™ and the FORQUES™ accessory, you’ll be able to transport single or multiple root balls more efficiently and economically with the following advantages:

  • The GRABBER™ quickly attaches to skid steers with auxiliary hydraulics.
  • Safely handles root balls 14″ to 54″ in size.
  • Transport multiple plants with the FORQUES™ accessory, up to three 24″ root balls.
  • Change from paddles to FORQUES™ in seconds.
  • Telescoping arms on the GRABBER™ extend reach to over 8 ft. to load from one side of the trailer.
  • Unique paddle design permits retrieval of healed-in or in-ground B&B stock.
  • Easily pick up, move and place oblong or odd-shaped boulders up to 3000 lbs.
  • When the FORQUES™ are removed, the GRABBER™ will easily allow you to gently place a tree in the hole.
  • The GRABBER™ and FORQUES™ attachment cost about ½ or less than comparable equipment.

ProLine™ is set apart from the competition in nursery and landscape equipment with the unique ability to custom design equipment needs for the tree nursery or landscape professional. The GRABBER™ provides a one-of-a-kind, cost-saving solutions with various accessories that are easy to switch out by simply pulling a pin, allowing one to drop off and pinning another accessory in place.
Accessories for the ProLine™ GRABBER™ include:

  • FORQUES™ Tree Forks
  • Pot Handler
  • Tree Tyer
  • Pot Forks

ProLine™ offers custom-designed nursery and landscape equipment based on years of experience and observations of what was missing in the market. We have more than 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing tree moving and planting equipment that outperforms the competition at a fraction of the cost. Contact us to learn more about our vast product line including the ProLine™ GRABBER™ and FORQUES™ tree forks.