ProLine™ Tree GRAPPLE

The ProLine™ Tree GRAPPLE is a rugged tool that easily performs the tough jobs of collecting logs, boulders or branches. ProLine™ is recognized for designing, engineering and manufacturing custom-designed nursery and landscape equipment which outperforms comparable equipment for a fraction of the cost. The ProLine Tree GRAPPLE doesn’t disappoint with many cost-saving features and benefits.

ProLine™ Tree GRAPPLE Features and Benefits

The ProLine™ Tree GRAPPLE is an accessory to fit any model of the ProLineGRABBER including the GRABBERMINI™. This tree grapple is available in a 48” length for mini loaders and 60” length for full-size skid steer machines. Enjoy the same benefits of all ProLineGRABBER accessories with quick and easy changeover in a simple pin attach system.

This tree grapple is designed with the principle of multi-vector action, combining the forward motion of the skid steer machine with the perpendicular clamping action of the ProLineGRABBER. This design improves the effectiveness over other tree grapples that are clamp-on or add-on devices to a skid steer bucket. The ProLine tree GRAPPLE mimics the action of human arms, providing flexibility in a rugged design you can rely on.

The ProLine™ tree GRAPPLE is unique from other equipment and provides simple, cost-effective solutions in a compact design. Add flexibility to your nursery and landscape equipment without taking up valuable storage space. All ProLine™ equipment is designed from decades of experience, is field-tested and meets stringent quality control standards.

ProLine™ is dedicated to providing cost-saving efficiencies to the nursery and landscape professional with custom-designed equipment engineered to your specifications. Decades of experience in the tree farm business allow us to design equipment which maximizes tree health and vitality for a beautiful nursery and satisfied customers. Contact us to learn more about our full product line and for more information on the innovative ProLine tree GRAPPLE.