ProLine™ – Nursery  Equipment for the Nurseryman and Landscape Professional

ProLine™ nursery equipment improves productivity with efficient, cost-effective solutions for the nurseryman and landscape professional. More than twenty five years of experience in the tree nursery business as owners and operators of Heritage Oak Farm, originally located in the heart of Indiana, has taught us the importance of using the right equipment. With experience in producing a wide variety of premium, quality evergreen conifers for nurseries, garden centers, real estate developers and professional landscapers, we understand what’s needed in nursery and landscape equipment.

We began designing, engineering and building our own tree moving and planting equipment after observing what was missing in the market. Our customers soon began to ask us to make the same equipment for them. This is how the ProLine™ series of nursery equipment began, by nurserymen for the nursery and landscape professional.

ProLine™ equipment is proven in the field where it counts. We continue to field test and refine every piece of equipment to ensure maximum quality and performance. Only equipment proven to perform safely, efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively is deserving of the ProLine™ brand.

Tree Moving Nursery Equipment

Tree moving and planting nursery equipment is our specialty, designed by experienced nurseryman with education and expert knowledge of mechanical engineering. Our equipment is designed based on actual field experience and custom engineered to suit our customers’ specific needs. We invite you to compare our product line to other products on the market. We are confident that you find the best value in nursery equipment available.

Our efficient and cost-effective tree moving and planting equipment includes the:

Swingin’ GRABBER™
ProLine™ Forques
ProLine™ Pot Handler
ProLine™ Tree Tyer
ProLine™ Pot Forks
ProLine™ Tree Auger
ProLine™ Grapple

Each ProLine™ nursery and landscape equipment product is designed with minimum maintenance needs in mind. You can expect the kind of toughness that will tolerate the abusive environment of commercial nursery and landscaping operations. The basis for each product we design is to get the job done faster, easier and safer with less labor and no damage to the plant material.

ProDuctivity is what ProLine™ is all about! You can have confidence in our decades of experience and hands-on, custom design and engineering of tree moving and planting equipment. Contact us to learn how to improve your nursery or landscape operations with custom designed nursery equipment.