ProLine Nursery & Landscape Equipment

ProLine™ nursery and landscape equipment provides efficient, cost-effective solutions to nurseries and professional landscapers with custom designed, tree moving and transplanting equipment. Tree moving is a painstaking process which requires equipment that will not cause damage to the tree while providing efficient operations.

Every piece of ProLine™ tree nursery equipment is developed and tested at our own working tree farm and nursery, which provides us the opportunity to continually improve the equipment needed to run an efficient nursery or landscape operation.

Nursery Equipment that Improves Efficiency

The ProLine™ series of versatile skid steer attachments improves efficient operations for tree farmers, nurserymen and professional landscapers who experience increased productivity for profitable operations. Our custom designed nursery and landscape equipment improves efficiency whether you are growing tree stock, selling nursery stock or landscaping on customers’ properties.

Cost Effective Nursery and Landscape Equipment

Our nursery and landscape equipment is designed with the professional in mind, with the goal of improving efficiency and productivity while reducing cost. Our tree nursery equipment functions like no other by maximizing the use of skid steers and loaders instead of more expensive equipment and labor intensive methods.
We understand the demands for efficient nursery operations while maintaining tree health and vitality and have designed the most cost-effective nursery equipment solutions. Our full product line provides tree moving and planting solutions at a fraction of the cost of comparable equipment.

Custom Designed Landscape Equipment

To meet our goal of improving efficiency and reducing cost, we custom design all equipment to meet your specific needs. We invite you to compare the complete line of ProLine™ landscape equipment to any other brand on the market. We are confident that you will find the ProLine™ equipment line to satisfy business owners and individuals alike.

ProLine™ is set apart from the competition with custom designed tree moving and planting equipment engineered by nurserymen with experience. Our equipment maximizes efficiency at a fraction of the cost of comparable equipment. Check out the video on this website to learn more about our cost effective, custom designed nursery and landscape equipment.