With The Proper ProLine™ Equipment, Money Might Just Grow On Trees!

The conservation efforts of our planet have taken the world by storm lately.  People everywhere are trying to do their part to conserve our planet’s natural resources and planting trees has become one of the most popular choices.  Planting a tree is a simple yet effective way to create more oxygen and cut down our carbon footprint on the planet.  But did you also know it is a way to conserve energy in your customer’s home as well?  By making a proper landscape design, you can conserve the energy use in their home and beautify the surroundings all at the same time.  Transplanting existing trees to maximize conservation efforts is a great way to reuse the natural resources available to you and with the proper arborist equipment it can be done safely and efficiently using less time and labor.

Most homeowners looking for any kind of landscape design are usually just looking to “spruce”up their yards.  But with a little education on your part, you can show them how transplanting existing shrubs and trees to proper positions around the property can actually save them money on their heating and air conditioning bills too.  By placing the right tree or shrub in the right place in conjunction to the house, it can provide benefits such as shade and wind protection all while adding privacy and beauty and even provide a home for some wildlife.

ProLine™, a division of Heritage Oak Farm, has spent years developing the best in arborist equipment to assist nurserymen and landscapers in their efforts to conserve our natural resources and reuse as much material as they can in their landscape designs.  Their products include:

Each one of these tools is uniquely designed and tested to minimize any damage to the tree or shrub while it is being moved.  But the professionals at ProLine™  took their design even further to help the landscaper preserve the client’s yard during the moving process by making them compact and easy to maneuver.  All this research and development was done with the purpose of maximizing the preservation of all our natural resources as well as maximizing the profits of all the landscape professionals who use them. So the old saying just might be true after all – Money really can grow on trees!

At ProLine™ we encourage you to look at the innovative landscape equipment we have available to help you achieve all your design and landscaping goals. Visit our website at www.heritageoakfarms.com or give us a call at 888.288.5308 and we will be happy to assist you.