A Superior Tree Fork: ProLine FORQUE™

Tree forks are ideal for landscapers and nurseries that frequently transport balled, potted and burlap-covered trees and landscape rock, or any contractor who must move heavy odd-shaped objects. Instead manually lifting and moving these materials, the tree fork attachment efficiently eliminates this task without the need for manual labor.

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Manufacturers like ProLine™ , a division of Heritage Oak Farm, build hydraulic tree forks specifically for walk behind skid steers as well as standard skid steers. These “mini” tree forks fit the bill for landscape and nursery operations on a smaller scale. They’re great for lifting small trees, trays of plants and uneven materials. Obviously because of its smaller stature it can be maneuvered into spaces where a tree fork attached to a skid steer would otherwise not be able to go.

The ProLine™  Grabber mini is great for onsite jobs, while the larger ProLine™  Grabber is great for nurseries, farms and landscape wholesalers.

Regardless of which tree fork attachment you use, it will function in much the same way, just on varying scales. The features are:

  • position plants, trees and large shrubs quickly and with ease
  • use for lifting, carrying, and lowering balled and container-grown trees & shrubs
  • also great for lifting, carrying, and lowering landscape rocks
  • will grasp tree balls as small as 10” up to 60+”
  • tread plates on the forks for firm grip bags, boxes, pots, and rocks
  • heavy duty engineered forks for robust performance most have adjustable pressure setting to prevent tree ball or container damage

With regards to buying  nursery and landscape equipment it isn’t necessarily measured in how much it costs. Perhaps a more accurate measurement is how much you’ll save using tree forks, pot movers, augers and other nursery equipment.

The time you will save is immeasurable. A job that might have otherwise taken you a day or two, few hours can often be reduced to less than an hours. You’ll be able to move twice as much material as if you manually moved your product, perhaps even more. This directly equates to the number of laborers you have to have and the number of hours you’ll have to pay them to accomplish the work. Your bottom line will substantially be increased within weeks of purchasing the right quality nursery equipment.

For more information about tree moving equipment and skid steer attachments you can contact Heritage Oak Farm’s ProLine™ division at 1-888-288-5308 M-F 8-5 central time and Sat. 8-12:30 central time. You can also email us about any of our ProLine™ equipment info@heritageoakfarm.com