Custom Built Nursery Equipment

ProLine offers several distinctively designed pieces of nursery equipment. ProLine is actually a division of Heritage Oak Farm, a tree nursery just north of Indianapolis. It is here that we developed the highest quality, most specialized nursery equipment skid steer attachments. Having a background in the workings of tree nurseries, and plant nurseries gives us a unique understanding of your pain points as a commercial nursery.

Ball Cart

Ball Cart Nursery EquipmentWhile not exactly a skid steer attachment, the ball cart is our newest development. Multi-functional and compact. The design allows you to transport 36 inch root balls or 45 gallon containers with ease, but the tough 1-1/4” 12 gauge steel construction allows you to also transport heavy pallets of bricks or sod up to a 1600 lb capacity


Tree Forks Nursery EquipmentLike nothing else you will find on the market, this piece of nursery equipment will prove to be absolutely invaluable to you. As stock this pot mover fits containers as small as 1 gallon up to 15 gallons with the ability to move up to 100 one gallon containers! The mounting bar is custom built to fit your existing skid steer or loader as well.


Pot Handler Nursery EquipmentWe’re sure you’ve tried to move large pots and trees with your skid steer or loader. It’s not easy or safe is it? This is why we bring to you the PotHandler. This skid steer attachment is capable of moving pots up to 40”. The PotHandler is specifically designed for nurserymen that need something sturdy enough to move large containers, gentle enough to move terracotta and delicate (but heavy) figurines but also capable of moving freshly potted plant material in soft pots.With these three “can’t function without” pieces of equipment, the efficiency with which you move your stock around your field, yard or nursery will be exponentially increased, leaving you with more time to “grow” your business! For more information about custom built nursery equipment and skid steer attachments, contact us today!