Small Tree Spade Attachment for Nurseries and Landscapers

You won’t find small tree spade that can do the work of a standard-size bucket, like the ProLine™ SHOVEL. Tree farms, nurseries and professional landscapers all can use this compact, efficient and affordable pieces of tree moving equipment. A reliable tree spade attachment for your skid steer can increase productivity, allowing your employees the flexibility to perform a variety of tasks.

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A Tree Spade Designed from Experience

At Heritage Oak Farm, the tree moving equipment is designed to help you get the job done affordably and easily. It is design-engineered and manufactured based on actual experience—the experience of running a commercial tree farm. The ProLine™ range of equipment have been tested in the field and are designed for field use, operator safety and productivity. Our small tree spade, the ProLine™ SHOVEL™, allow nurserymen and landscapers to work more efficiently while protecting valuable plantings, saplings and trees.

Flexible-Use, Small Tree Spade for Skidsteers

You can rely on the ProLine™ SHOVEL™ to give you the flexibility you need. It’s designed to meet the varied, yet specific work requirements of nurserymen, commercial landscapers, small tree farms, and nurseries. This tree spade is even ideal for garden centers and developers, or for anyone requiring durable, compact equipment to move plantings, saplings, small trees and rootballs, landscaping materials, and even small boulders.

  • A compact design allowing use in tight areas around other trees or building exteriors
  • A skid steer shovel a third the size of standard tree spades
  • Easily usable to remove overgrown bushes, shrubs or even small trees
  • Quickly clears cull trees from the nursery
  • Precision equipment unlike standard, bucket-style tree spade designs
  • A product that can handle producerootballs ranging up to 40” diameters (same size as standard tree spades)
  • 3/8” thick, abrasion-resistant steel-frame fabrication
  • A spade spanning the full width of the mounting plate (approximately 46”)
  • A compact spade that is only 45” from the front to the back
  • No hydraulics required
  • All stress points are welded and gusseted
  • Hardened cutting edge
  • A tree spade that is usable even in rocky soils

ProLine™ equipment requires minimal maintenance. All attachments tolerate heavy workloads common to commercial nurseries and commercial landscaping. Perhaps most important, ProLine™ equipment performs tree transplanting and moving without damaging plant material or small tree trunks.

If you have found yourself on this blog because you’re looking for professional skid steer attachments and tree transplanting solutions, you can contact the professionals at ProLine™ for custom designed-engineered and built nursery equipment.

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