Top Garden Trends 2015

As a professional landscaper, or a plant nursery owner, you know that growers and homeowners are all about garden trends. For a while it was all about container gardening, hence annuals saw a surge. “Eco-Gardens” are still pretty trendy. Millennials (those between ages 18 and 25) seem to be charging forward with all kinds of ideas about landscape and garden and they represent about 25% of new gardeners.

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There are 3 reasons you need to know the garden trends for 2015:

  • Be the first to fill these emerging consumer demands.
  • Select or create best selling new products, enhance customer experiences and improves services well in advance.
  • Attract customers who are “living the trends” by speaking their language in your marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns.

What are the Garden Trends?

drought resistant plants ornamental grasses Pollinator gardening
  • Thoughtful gardening– Diane M. Blazek, executive director of the National Garden Bureau says “They are using more drought-tolerant plants that need less water, as well as disease-resistant plants that need less maintenance and products to combat diseases
  • Native Gardening– Using native ornamental grasses in containers as accents in garden beds and as turf replacements.
  • Pollinator gardening – The increased awareness of the importance of pollinators has captured public interest in building bee- and butterfly friendly habitats in their gardens.
  • A Rose is A Rose– As always, roses are always a trend, so perhaps roses are not really a trend, but a staple for all nurseries.

As you consider what to stock in your plant nursery, it’s important to consider what people always purchase, what the hot trends are, and who your demographic is.

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