ProLine™ Pot Handler Makes Nursery Work Much Easier

What makes the ProLine™ Pot Handleunique from tree tongs or “Jaw” types and other nursery equipment is its ability to grasp small delicate decorative items as well as large bulky containers. The ProLine™ Pot Handler is uniquely designed with four paws lined with an abrasion-resistant, highly durable rubber. For gripping, the rubber paddles are far superior for grasping b&b as well as providinga cushion for impacts that can damage pots when clutched with metal paddles.

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Tree tongs are a great tool for nurseries and tree farms., but in some situations, particularly high-density growing operations and sales yards, it’s not possible to drive the skid steer with a regular tree tong attachment straight at the container-grown plant in order for the paddles to grasp it properly so the container must be manually moved out of line and into the center of the row.

While the ProLine™ Pot Handler itself doesn’t rotate, when coupled with the ProLine™ Swingin’ GRABBER it does. For spaces or aislesas narrow as your skid steer you can maneuver the Swingin’ GRABBER with the ProLine™ Pot Handler™ attachment in place and very easily pick up a 40” pot without having to manually move the container into the open aisle of the row.

The ProLine™ Swingin’ GRABBER™ will rotate up to 90 degrees from the travel direction.

What sets ProLine™ nursery equipment apart from the others is the real life experience in the nursery and tree farm business. Through careful, thoughtful engineering design and rigorous field trials at their own nursery, they have developed skid steer attachments that not only get the job done, it’s accomplished efficiently, safely and quickly. That spells “better productivity” in anybody’s language!

If you have found yourself on this blog because you’re looking for professional skid steer attachments and nursery or landscape equipment, you can contact the professionals at ProLine™ for design-engineered and sturdily-built nursery equipment.

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