Why Use A Tree Mover Machine?

If you’ve ever been to a tree farm you will have seen these tree movers all over the place. A farm is a little different than your local nursery. The nursery typically carries what most people would consider trees. However, these potted little things are just saplings, new baby trees. They’re fairly easy to transplant, easy to move and transport. Tree farms, however, have much larger trees that simply cannot be moved without tree moving machines.

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Moving large trees is often what many high-end landscape architects call for in their designs. Particularly with regards to city parks, business complexes, and perhaps some manufactured communities. Even back in the late 1800’s tree movers were used to facilitate the building of Central Park in New York City. While these were very rudimentary as compared with today’s tree moving machines, nonetheless, the architect wanted bigger trees and specifically designed 3-wheeled big tree movers were created.

Today’s tree moving machinery is very specific to the various tasks required with moving trees. For instance, exactly how does one dig up a tree that is 20 feet tall? A tree spade comes in handy for this. Tree spading is a common method for moving and transplanting large trees from one site to another.

In addition to a tree spade, other tree movers you might find at a nursery or farm are tree forks, and pot handlers. Although other than a tree spade, you wont find this type of tree moving equipment anywhere other than a farm or nursery.

There are actually good reasons to move a mature tree as opposed to planting new ones. By far the three most common reasons for moving a tree rather than cutting it down, include creating a mature landscape quickly (as with Central Park), to alter the design of a mature landscape and lastly because the value of the tree outweighs the cost of moving a tree.

It’s not easy to determine the value of a tree. Value comes in many forms. But there are actually monetary values put on trees. Some trees are very costly to purchase even as saplings, so once they mature they are much more valuable.

The environmental benefits that mature trees provide simply cannot be valued. Trees offer climate control in the way they filter sunlight through their leaves. Areas with mature, big trees are significantly cooler than those areas without trees. The root systems provide water control for communities aiding storm runoff systems. Trees filter air pollution as well.

Undoubtedly there are occasions when large tree moving is beneficial and the costs associated with moving a tree is countered by the value the tree brings to the situation.

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