Nursery Equipment ProLine™ Pot Handler – A new way to solve an old problem

One of the biggest problems we face as nurserymen is how to move our products around without breaking anything! Moving large pots can not only be detrimental to the pot, but to the tree as well. Time is usually in short supply around the yard, so movement must be precise or the old saying “haste makes waste” will become especially true! At ProLine™, we understand how important it is to run an efficient yard so we have developed the ProLine™ Pot Handler to make your life, and the life of your plants, easier.

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The ProLine™ Pot Handler is uniquely designed with 4 padded “paws” that have an abrasion-resistant, soft rubber lining the paddles so slippage is not an issue. These rubber paddles are far superior for grip as well as providing a cushion for impacts that can damage pots when clutched with metal paddles. You will see this superior performance when moving freshly potted trees or delicate terracotta pots and decorative ornaments.

In addition to the difference in handling of pots, the ProLine™ Pot Handler™ allows your operator to work in very tight spaces. We’ve all seen how some skid steer attachments cannot get into those tight spaces without destroying everything along its path! This attachment is designed to fit any of the four models of ProLine™ GRABBERS. The ProLine™ Pot Handler doesn’t rotate on its’ own, however, it can when used with the ProLine™ Swingin’ GRABBER™. For those narrow spaces or aisles you can maneuver the ProLine™ Swingin’ GRABBER™ with the ProLine™ Pot Handler attachment in place and very easily pick up any pot up to 40” without having to manually move the container into the open aisle of the row.

All of ProLine™’s equipment has been developed through innovative engineering based on years of experience in the nursery and tree farm business. All of their skid steer attachments have gone through rigorous field testing at their own nursery and they proudly stand by each and every one of their products. If it isn’t good enough for them, it wouldn’t be good enough for you!

Contact the professionals at ProLine™ and see for yourself what this amazing Pot Handler can do for you and your business. Visit for more details on all ProLine™ equipment and services. We look forward to assisting you with all your tree moving needs!