Are You A Professional Landscaper?

It’s interesting how there are so many “professional landscapers” in the business today. Having a lawnmower and weed-eater, a professional landscaper make. For those of you who truly are real life landscapers this can be offensive to have these people moving in on your turf. (pun intended)

So how do you convey to your potential clients the difference between you and the rest of the pack?

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Perhaps one of the most respected industry organizations is the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. Although there are many respected state organizations that you might belong to, these organizations, for the most part follow the strict standards of practice that the APLD requires its members to adhere to.

Membership in the APLD can be a definitive marketing tool for any professional landscape company because they offer a comprehensive certification program that is the ONLY program of its kind in the United States.

According to the APLD website, all APLD members must agree to the following Standards of Practice:

  • Advance landscape design through continuing professional education and the exchange of knowledge with colleagues.
  • Utilize personal knowledge and skills for the greatest good of clients.
  • Be truthful in oral or written statements about the services we offer clients.
  • Encourage practices that protect the environment and discourage damage to our natural resources.
  • Be loyal to clients or employers and faithfully perform assigned tasks.
  • Avoid uninformed opinions on any issues relating to landscape design.
  • Avoid unfounded statements or criticism of colleagues for personal gain.
  • Encourage participation in public service activities to educate the public about good landscape design and sound horticultural practices.
  • Conduct all matters relating to landscape design activities, business operations, and civic responsibilities in a way that promotes the status of landscape design as a respected profession.

The one point that stands out in these practices is the protection of the environment and discouragement of damaging natural resources. Sustainability is fast becoming the most important concept in landscape design. As a landscape designer, it is imperative to promote sustainable practices wherever possible.

At ProLine™, we work closely with professional landscapers and designers to give them the tools necessary to create their clients vision while reusing as much of the existing landscape as possible. All of our tree moving equipment is specifically developed for the pure reason that trees can be moved to another location and will continue to thrive, as long as it is done safely.

We build landscape equipment that will help you complete your landscape job efficiently, effectively and successfully.  For larger professionals completing large jobs, several of our machines typically used in nurseries, are compact enough to use on the jobsite.

ProLine™ listens carefully to their customers’ needs and can customize each piece of equipment to ensure proper care is given to each plant during the moving process.

At ProLine™, we encourage you to look at the innovative equipment we have available to help you achieve all your design and landscaping goals. Visit our website at or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.