Planning Drip Systems for Healthy Trees

drip system for trees

Trees can be more complicated than the rest of the plant world. They grow to greater heights and require more water and nutrients than smaller shrubs, bushes, and plants. And, to be healthy, their root systems must grow to greater depths to create long-term stability.

Young trees may seem to do well with lawn irrigation and rainfall. However, a supplemental drip system for trees is needed to encourage long-term root growth and depth.

Designing a Drip System for Trees

Healthy root growth occurs when the soil beneath is moist enough for the roots to grow outward and downward. Improper watering in the early years may cause the roots to grow laterally rather than downward as they seek moisture near the surface.

For a new or young tree, the best strategy is to establish a drip system that meters the correct amount of water at ever widening perimeters. Water emitters should be spaced beneath the drip line or outer edges of the tree’s foliage. The placement encourages the roots to spread out from the center to provide a broader base as the tree grows upward.

Further, slow, continual irrigation encourages roots to grow downward.

Soil Considerations

The type and density of soil determine the rate and depth to which the water will penetrate the soil. Loose, sandy soil allows water to reach and pass through root systems quickly.

Dense, clay soil may require considerable time to penetrate and reach the desired levels. If the soil is too compact, much of the water can run off in the wrong direction.

Take extra care when planting to ensure the soil is neither too loose or too dense.

Mature Tree Irrigation

Over time, mature trees with deep roots may have access to underground water sources and benefit from your frequent lawn irrigation that may eventually reach the deep roots. However, continuing to irrigate less frequently but in higher quantities can be essential to keeping the tree properly hydrated

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