The Brilliance of Flowering Trees in Any Setting

flowering trees

Few things in life are as sensually pleasing as a beautiful flowering tree at the height of its glory. For those whose trees bloom in the springtime, nothing signals the end of winter and the beginning of the growing season like flowering trees and shrubs.

Many homeowners choose to have one or more to adorn their property. But selecting the best varieties for any property is a matter of individual taste, climate, available sunlight, size, and contrast against surrounding foliage. Since there are many options from which to select, homeowners should consult with their local nursery or a landscape architect to make the selection that will work best for their environment.

Options for Flowering Trees

Homeowners seeking color throughout the year must plan carefully, mixing and matching varieties that work well in their climate. HGTV offers a menu of tree and shrub options that provide beautiful color and contrast.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Venus Dogwood blooms in the spring yet has strawberry-like fruits through fall; grows up to 18 feet tall.
  • Oklahoma Redbud is excellent for small yards and yields pink-to-red blooms; and leaves that transition from green through the summer to gold in the fall.
  • “ Leonard Messel” Kobushi Magnolia blooms early in the spring and can reach up to 30-feet at maturity.
  • Higan Cherry blooms with pink blossoms both in the spring and in the autumn and is perfect for small growing areas.
  • American Fringe Tree generates white blooms in the late spring and can produce red fruits that attract birds.
  • Evereste Crabapple produces white blooms from pink buds throughout spring, ideal for small spaces.
  • Southern Magnolia can grow to as tall as 20 to 80 feet tall with spring blossoms that continue to pop out through the year.
  • “Golden Eclipse” Japanese Tree Lilac grow up to 24 feet and produce cream-colored flowers from spring through to early summer.
  • Japanese Horse Chestnut produces pink to red “spike” flowers and can function as a decent shade tree in the front or backyard.
  • Smoke Tree produces a reddish flower with long thin filaments that makes the plant look smoky all through the summer season.

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