Tips for Choosing the Best Trees for a Tree Farm

christmas tree farmConsidering a career change? If you have access to a few acres, tree farming is earth-friendly and profitable with the right inventory. Rather than run-of-the-mill commodity trees used to produce wood pulp, digging into the niche tree industry can help you secure a more substantial, reliable income.

Tips for Selecting Trees that Boost Your Income Stream

To draw in additional income, and faster, you must select trees that:

  • Grow Fast
    The faster trees grow, the more quickly you’ll see a return. For instance, instead of growing a stand of Douglas fir for 50 years to be used for timber, opt instead for the 7 to 8 year turnaround of the same species for Christmas trees which could yield you ten-times more profit per acre.
  • Are Low-Maintenance
    Less care and harvest costs help you reduce labor and keep more dollars in your pocket. How do you select low maintenance trees? The answer is surprisingly simple – choose native species that naturally thrive in your region, and the right tree farming tools to care and harvest in order to safeguard your inventory.
  • Produce High-Value Products
    Trees that can produce a surplus of usable items, such as decorative wood, ornamentals (boughs, cones), craft fibers (bark, splints, and shoots for weaving), food (fruits, nuts, syrup), live plants, and so on can provide a substantial income, yet surprisingly are of no interest to corporate tree farms.

Top Income-Producing Tree Types 

  • Decorative Wood
    Wood trained to form unique patterns or burls, such as timber from a big leaf maple, are highly sought after in the furniture, cabinetry, and musical instrument industries. A single tree could net several hundred thousand dollars at maturity. In short supply, costs increase by 15% annually.
  • Ornamentals
    Cuttings from boxwood, arborvitae, and corkscrew willow grow back after cutting, requiring little to no maintenance.
  • Craft Fibers
    The black ash or ‘basket tree’ is prized by artists. Several hundred dollars can be earned from the strips and splints of just one small tree. Willow trees are likewise popular for shoots, which are used in both basket weaving and floral arrangments.
  • Food Producing Trees
    Trees such as black walnut can produce nuts while growing to timber size. They bring in premium prices in the fine furniture industry. Mature trees net an estimated $100,000 per acre.

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