Is it okay to buy used plant nursery equipment?

tree nursery equipmentBuying used equipment for nursery and landscaping operations may be an option if buyers consider all variables first. When the items are in good shape with a reasonable life remaining, some used equipment might work.

However, before you start looking for used equipment to replace what you have, study the options and consider the immediate and long-term advantages that new equipment brings.

Comparing New Nursery and Landscaping Equipment Versus Used

Factors that you should closely evaluate when comparing new and used landscaping equipment are:


The productivity of new equipment usually outshines used equipment. New technology offers capabilities that used pieces can’t, either by reducing labor cost, time, or energy. New devices cut the time and manpower to transplant large plants and trees, move them safely, dig holes, and re-plant. Eliminating physical labor, time spent, and damage to the stock can save significant costs.

Life of New vs. Used

New equipment is durable and sold with warranties. The advantages of operating day in and day out without worrying that the equipment will fail is significant. New equipment is less likely to breakdown during your busy seasons which would avoid the hassle and cost of emergency replacements.

Long-term Cost of New vs. Used Equipment

Newly designed and developed equipment like labor-saving ProLine™ skid steer attachments from Heritage Oak Farm go further, work faster, and last longer than a comparable set of used equipment. These labor-saving devices help nursery and professional landscapers manage precious stock without damage.

New Costs Less

A holistic view of the savings in labor, efficiency, dependability, useable life, and damage prevention will result in lower costs over time and enhance your professional image.


Check Out the ProLine Series of Landscaping and Nursery Equipment

ProLine’s slate of highly efficient equipment has evolved from Heritage Oak Farm’s decades of tree farm and nursery experience. Each piece is designed for a specific use, and all are attachable to any modern skid steer. With a little practice, operators can use the various pieces to pick up and transport large B&B material even in tight spaces, then load trucks, dig perfect holes, place the trees and shrubs, and more.


One essential product, the Proline™ Shovel will easily lift and transplant trees with root balls up to 40” in diameter, even in the tightest spots.

Visit the ProLine website to view the options or phone the professionals at 1-888-288-5308.