Tree Transplanting tips

tree nurseryWhether moving from the tree farm to the customer’s location or from one location on a property to another, transplanting considerations are needed to avoid damage that might affect the tree’s survival. Unnecessary root exposure or rough handling can seriously impact the tree’s health and, for the nursery or landscaper, can become an expensive problem.

Determine the Destination Before Lifting

Knowing where to place the tree is a fundamental consideration. Minimize the time from lifting to planting with advance planning. When identifying the spot for transplant, consider the eventual size and breadth of the tree so it will not experience undue interference. Planting too close to a building, fence or pavement will cause problems later. Be sure the tree will not interfere with overhead power lines that cross the property and have any underground utility like sewer, electrical, or water lines located before planting.

Make sure the tree is placed for optimal sunlight exposure. Some trees are more tolerant to shade than others.

Also, project the direction of the shade that the tree will project in the future.

Digging the Hole

Once the site has been identified, using a labor-saving device like the ProLine™ Tree Augur to create a perfect hole for easy insertion of the tree ball. The skid steer-attached Tree Augur’s tapered design will cut through the hardest soils at a 25-degree angle.

The hole should be two to three times the width of the tree’s root ball and about 1” to 2” deeper than the height of the root ball. This ensures the tree roots will be comfortably placed and the surrounding soil will be loosened around the root system to accommodate outward spread.

Refill the Hole

Once the tree is in place, refill the hole to the level of the surrounding ground. As the soil is being replaced, tamp it down at different levels to fill any air pockets that may have resulted as you shoveled the soil around the roots.

Check Out ProLine Attachments

The professionals at ProLine, a subsidiary of Heritage Oak Farm, have applied their vast nursery and tree farm experience to developing the ideal tools for managing high volume tree and shrub management. ProLine equipment is easily attached to modern skid steers and designed to lift, transport, dig, and plant large and small nursery stock without manual labor or damage.

For more information, visit the professionals at ProLine, or phone 1-888-288-5308.