Keeping Your Lawn Beautiful in the Summer

droughtDuring the winter, we often fantasize about a lush green, beautifully trimmed yard on a lovely summer day. But, as the heat and dryness of mid-summer arrives, we are faced with the challenge of maintaining an overly stressed lawn that is suddenly being damaged by foot traffic, weeds, and insects.

What should we do when the temperatures go up, and there’s not a cloud in the sky?


Water, of course, is a necessary component of keeping the lawn (and everything else) healthy. Here are some tips:

  • Water as close to daybreak as possible. Early watering ensures that the moisture will reach the blades’ roots and keep the soil moist during the coming hours. Watering during midday is not helpful since most of it will evaporate before reaching their destination. Nighttime irrigation is discouraged since this can create disease problems.
  • Water longer and less frequently. A healthy lawn should not need to be watered daily. Watering once or twice per week for more extended periods allows moisture to seep deeper into the soil, soaking the roots, and encouraging them to reach deeper into the ground.
  • Generally, the amount of water per week should be approximately 1″. Check, however, to ensure the soil does not dry out. The best way to check is to poke a six-inch screwdriver into the ground. If the dirt seems hard to penetrate, then more watering is needed.

Mow It High

When the weather turns hot, raise the blade to a higher level for mowing. Longer grass blades shade the soil and roots to keep them from drying out. Longer grass develops deeper roots, allowing them to reach deeper for more moisture.

Sharpen Mower Blade

A dull mower blade shreds or rips the top of the grass blades rather than creating a clean cut. The shredding causes moisture in the grass to evaporate while the tips of the damaged grass will turn brown.

Do Not Feed

Heat arrests growth, so feeding the lawn does not help. You are better off waiting until the cool season starts to feed your lawn.

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