Using A Tree Grapple For Landscape

Tree grapples like the Tree Boss™, are most often used on tree farms and in growing situations. Typically they’re used for moving a variety of large items like trees with large root balls. These kinds of grapples also are commonly equipped with paddle like arms to wrap around the root ball without damaging the tree or root system.

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However, when a grapple is used in landscaping, it becomes a multi-use tool. Sometimes called a root rake when referenced with nursery equipment, there are a couple of different styles of grapples. Some may be a bar with spiked teeth attached to the bottom of a standard bulldozer blade, while others are spike-toothed, frame-like blades.

Most rake-like grapple skid steer attachments are sturdy and can move trees as well as a myriad of other uses. They make chores of property or forest management, landscaping and debris clean up easier and more efficient.

Load or pile logs, brush, rocks, demolition debris, and many other materials into manageable piles for removal or use in another location. Like other nursery equipment, hydraulic cylinders operate independently to adjust for uneven loads. This is feature that adds to the safety and stability when moving large trees or oddly shaped items.

With regards to debris a tree grapple is ideal for separating dirt from rock, lumber, or building materials with ease. The tines are typically curved upward in order to slide across the land without damaging topsoil or catching utility lines or cables. For demolition, most have tough enough tines, that they can be inserted under concrete and simply lift it up and break it into more manageable pieces.

The skid steer grapple attachment will improve your control and efficiency and reduce time on the work site, thus lowering labor costs. As opposed to manual labor, it’s much more efficient. As opposed to a bucket attachment, a grapple attachment is more adaptable for a variety of situations.

Whether you’re a land owner, landscaper or own a nursery, a tree grapple is one piece of nursery equipment you really shouldn’t be without.

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