Tree Spade Attachment for Skidsteers

“We continue to field test and refine every new idea until we’re satisfied that it does what it’s supposed to do safely, efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. Only then do we introduce it as a new product deserving of the ProLine™ brand.”Heritage Oak Farm 

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If your landscape company or nursery is in the market for a tree spade, a compact, skid steer, tree-spade shovel attachment designed, engineered and field-tested is an ideal choice. The ProLine™ SHOVEL is a productivity-enhancing device built by Heritage Oak Farm in Indiana. They know actual, nursery field conditions and their ProLine™ equipment design and engineering reflects this experience. They design equipment to work with minimal maintenance requirements while tolerating the heavy workload of commercial nurseries.

ProLine™ equipment and attachments allow users to transplant trees without damaging plant material, particularly the rootballs and the trunks small trees. Just as importantly, this skidsteer tree spade attachment increases productivity and maintains operator safety.

Some of the benefits of the ProLine™ SHOVEL:

  • A tree transplanting spade designed and manufactured specifically for use by nurseries, farms and commercial landscapers
  • A compact design, only one-third the size of standard, tree-spade equipment attachments
  • Especially useful in tight or restricted areas around other plantings
  • Precision—more precise than standard, bucket-style tree spade designs
  • Standard equipment capacity that can handle 40” rootballs
  • Increased productivity
  • This easy-to-use equipment can also handle moving landscaping materials, mulch, or even for placing small boulders. You can even use it to dig up and remove tree stumps

You can increase productivity while protecting valuable plants, shrubs, bushes, trees and other planting material when you use the right equipment for the job. Learn more about the ProLine™ SHOVEL, the ProLine™ Grabber and attachments; ProLine™ Tree Tyer, ProLine™ Pot Handler or choose our innovatively designed and engineered auger, the ProLine™ Tree Auger. Additionally, custom-built ProLine™ Pot Forks are ideal tools for moving potted trees and plants around nurseries or retail garden centers.

If you have found yourself on this blog because you’re looking for professional skid steer attachments and tree transplanting solutions, you can contact the professionals at ProLine™ for custom designed-engineered and built nursery equipment.

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