How do I “winterize” my nursery equipment?

For most of the USA, winters can be quite brutal in so many ways. For landscapers and nurserymen are especially affected; not a lot of outside work happening, nursery equipment maintenance, landscape association trade shows and more.

While there seems a lot to do during your down months of winter, one thing that won’t be too taxing on your time is maintenance on your ProLine™ nursery equipment. Because we have decades in the tree nursery industry we understand that part of running an efficient landscaping, nursery or tree farm business is having quality equipment that works as it should and when it should.

Although our equipment is relatively maintenance free, there are a few things you need to do regularly to keep your ProLine™ nursery equipment performing at its peak.

  • Do you have a grease can?  Yes, that sounds simple, and you probably have one. If you don’t get one.
  • There is only 1 fitting that needs to be greased.
  • Grease this fitting annually. Put it on your calendar NOW. Prepping this one fitting will increase the longevity of your ProLine™ equipment for years to come.
  • Normal hydraulic maintenance is necessary as well.  Look over your hydraulic components carefully.  Wipe off dirt accumulations and check for leakage of any sort.  Chafed hoses mean they’ve probably been installed incorrectly.  Verify that all hoses are routed according to the instruction sheet that comes with the equipment.  Replace any component that shows signs of leakage.

ProLine™ skid-steer attachments are designed with minimum maintenance needs in mind. You can expect the kind of toughness that will tolerate the abusive environment of a commercial nursery and landscaping. The basis for each product we design is to get the job done job with less help, faster, easier, more safely, and with no damage to the plant material.

If you have questions about any of our ProLine™ nursery equipment don’t hesitate to contact us, remember, ProDuctivity is what ProLine™ is all about!