Why Landscapers Should Bid Refurbishing Jobs

refurbishedOld and aging landscape areas can be a major eyesore for homeowners and businesses. Often, people have tried to do the rehab work themselves and have found it too demanding of both their time and energy. The results are overgrown beds, rampant weeds, and deteriorating curb appeal. Fortunately, good landscapers can turn these nightmares around using very few resources and for very little money. This is a great way to pick up new customers, impress them, and pave the way for future work. Here are a few reasons why refurbishing landscape can really boost business.

Refurbishing Is Easy to Sell

Unkempt plantings are a major blemish on commercial and residential properties. Once a bed gets overgrown, however, the sheer magnitude of the work involved creates a psychological barrier to starting the job. Because owners find the work daunting, they often overestimate what it would cost to hire it out. This works to the ambitious landscaper’s advantage.

When traveling within your service area, look for landscape that needs a little TLC. Approach the owner, if you can, with an offer to help and a solid bid. Chances are good that your solicitation will be welcome and the owner will be pleased by the price. If, however, you don’t feel comfortable going door to door, just jot down the address of the property and send out a mailing that emphasizes your landscape rehabilitation skills and your affordable prices. Make sure to explain how, once the bed is restored, ongoing maintenance will be easier and cheaper when performed on a yearly basis. Remind the owner that good landscape can boost property value, help real estate to sell quicker, and keep the neighbors at bay.

Refurbishing Is Environmentally Friendly

Today’s consumer is more eco-conscious than at any point in the past. Sell a refurbishing job by explaining how you can recycle and reuse existing elements to cut down on environmental impact. Explain how you can weave a limited number of new, native plants into the landscape to make it more eco-friendly and emphasize the benefits that maintaining quality landscape can have on biodiversity, pollinators, and native animals.

Add a Water Feature

One great way to cut down on future maintenance while bringing a neglected area up to aesthetic standards is to add a water feature. Water features are relatively easy to install, add instant visual appeal, and can reduce future maintenance issues by reducing the area that needs to be tended to. If water features aren’t a part of your repertoire, it is time to start learning.


Why Refurbishing Jobs Are Important

Refurbishing jobs are important to your landscape business. They not only fulfill a need for many property owners, but they offer you an opportunity to showcase your skills. Because the bed already exists, owners can feel comfortable in the fact that you aren’t making drastic changes and that the costs will be controlled. By doing stellar work on the refurbishing job, you’ll boost your reputation and add to your client base. Think of refurbishing jobs as a nice way to build a resume with a particular client. They are easy to bid, easy to complete, and pay dividends for years to come.