Summertime is here: 21 garden crafts to add to the masterpiece

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As homeowners create their garden masterpieces, some additional ideas that bring more color and interest into the mix can add beauty and even amusement to the scene. Garden landscaping can be fun and involve every member of the family.

Providing fresh garden ideas is a great way to inspire home gardeners to do more with their outdoor space.


Below are some creations for adding excitement to home gardening:

  1. Add some glow-in-the-dark tiles as meandering pathways through the garden.
  2. Make garden art from old bottle caps to create “flowers” by gluing the caps to wooden skewers.
  3. Adorn older pots that show leaching and stains with painted matching stripes and shapes.
  4. Create clay pot lighthouses by stacking three diminishing-sized flowing pots with alternating red and white paints.
  5. Use painted stones as plant, flower, and vegetable markers.
  6. Suspend a watering can over the flower bed and attach solar fairy lights to give the impression of flowing water.
  7. Create a “toadstool” house with a painted and inverted flowerpot covered by an oversized flower pot base. Gnomes can be made from pointed and painted sticks.
  8. Create vegetable garden markers with long wooden or plastic spoons painted the same color as the corresponding vegetable.
  9. Turn a bird cage into a planter allowing branches to flow through the cage screening.
  10. Paint small smooth rocks to look like giant ladybugs meandering through the flower bed.
  11. Create colorful mosaic balls, stepping stones, hearts, and various geometric shapes to place throughout the garden.
  12. Shape birdseed ornaments with cookie cutters by mixing the seeds with corn syrup.
  13. Insert conventional lawn solar lights into the inverted bottoms of colorfully painted flower pots.
  14. Mount flower pots onto a leaning wooden pallet.
  15. Upgrade your terra-cotta flower pots by painting multiple colors and trimming with lace and other ornaments.
  16. Paint tin can containers and place them strategically throughout the garden.
  17. Adorn flower pots with sea shells.
  18. Create a plant platform with a 2×6 plank supported by larger flower pots.
  19. Paint faces on stones and stack them to appear to be a group of gnomes peering out from the garden.
  20. Make a terra-cotta bird feeder with a flower pot and bases glued to top and bottom.
  21. Create an upright trellis with three old rakes and shovels and wooden lattice.