Landscape Myths Busted: Part One

landscape professionalsLandscaping Myths Busted: Part 1

Most amateur gardeners and landscapers love creating their outdoor ambiance. Planting shrubs, trees, perennials, adding pathways and setting borders can change the personality of your outdoor living space in many beautiful ways.

Moreover, with some planning, you can enjoy a different mixture of colors with each season.

Unfortunately, some efforts do not turn out as expected. Since landscaping is as much science as art, some long held beliefs may be the problem. Here are some landscaping suggestions to dispel common myths.

1. Call a Landscape Professional Only When the Situation is Dire

Landscaping can be an expensive undertaking. Each new element adds to the overall beauty but increases the potential for something to go wrong. Landscape professionals understand the dynamics of an overall plan and how each addition complements each other. During the planning process, at least, a professional can provide valuable insight into the types, placement, and care of each element. Advance knowledge can eliminate expensive readjustments later.

2. Fall is Not a Good Planting Season

We are all aware that spring is the time that the nurseries stock up and advertisements abound that tout all sorts of gardening and landscaping ideas. After all, farmers plant in the spring and harvest in the fall. However, in some areas of the country, fall can be an excellent time to start some plants and trees. During the autumn, new plants fortify themselves, spending most of their energy developing their root systems rather than the upper parts.

By the following year, the trees or shrubs are ready to flourish above ground as well.

3. Pesticides are Bad

The Environmental Protection Agency only approves pesticides that are proven to be safe for humans to be around. Given that, pesticides are essential for the healthy development of trees, flowers, grass, and shrubs. These must be used carefully and according to directions on the label. The proper use of pesticides eliminates diseases and destruction related to the presence of certain insects and other pests.

4. Weeds Are Simply an Aesthetic Problem

Weeds do far more than make your lawn or garden look unkempt. These tend to spread quickly, growing a substantial root presence, and can choke off the growth of normal grasses and flowers. Eliminating weeds at the earliest sign is vital to maintaining a healthy landscape.

A professional landscape expert can advise you of each of these challenges.