Gardening & Landscaping Tips

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Gardening and landscaping ideas that enhance the beauty and value of a property may be rewarding projects for homeowners. Sometimes these efforts are intended to create a peaceful private outdoor setting, and others increase the home’s curb appeal or cover less attractive features around the yard.

Whatever the reason, creative gardeners have implemented countless ideas over the centuries to recreate the environment in which they live. Some are minute details that make a big difference. Some are massive redesigns that completely change the ambiance of a home or yard.

Here are just a few simple ideas that homeowners may consider when converting their outdoor living areas into private getaways.

Redefining a Small Yard or Patiobackyard project

Simply because space is limited does not mean there is little that can be done to improve the view. Small lawns or patios can be excellent places to express oneself and to create a delightful personal space.

Creating “vertical gardens” with trellises, plant hangers, and tiered planters provide the color and greenery to brighten up that patio or small lawn. Consider a pergola that takes up virtually no ground space, but allows for some shade and a perfect place to hang your herb pots.

Creating Buffers and Barriers

When owners wish to create a private area for themselves or block noise and other distractions from nearby, they look for solutions that may be relatively massive and space consuming.

To reduce street noise that may even be accompanied by auto pollution, a row of well-maintained Thuja Green Giants or Hornbeams, properly spaced, can provide a barrier that requires little maintenance. They are insect resistant, drought tolerant, and easy to grow. These trees provide vertical protection without reducing living and relaxing space substantially.

Some barriers may give an impression of unwelcome isolation. However, arranging colorful bushes and plants to spill over decorative fencing or large rocks that define a clear pathway will invite guests into your private home space.

Redo the Front Walkway

A straight, concrete walkway to your front door is neither attractive nor particularly inviting. Upgrading this feature with new landscaping and materials can soften the look and give an entirely new curb appeal to your home.

Consider replacing that straight walk with a more curved or slightly meandering walkway with flagstone or brick surface that complements the house structure. Border that with colorful flower plants such as hosta or boxwood to create a softer look.