Gardening and Landscaping Tips –gear it toward winter time

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Gardening and Landscaping Tips: Winter Time Considerations

Even though temperatures have fallen below freezing and snow may be on the way, gardening and landscaping planning does not need to go into hibernation.

Although your colorful plants are now sleeping and color has faded, the winter season is a great time to re-plan your landscape to provide year-round enjoyment. You may not be planting anything during this season, but a closer view of those bare plants and limbs can spark ideas for the coming season. Some possibilities include adding new stone and other hardscape features that will add definition to your landscape. A new wall, perhaps some statuary or strategically placed boulders, can dress up a winter landscape. As plants and vines wind their way through these features, your garden will eventually take on a sophisticated and elegant aspect.

A picturesque gazebo or pergola will also break up the monotony.

Adding colorful decorations and other features can bring sparkle to that wintertime landscape. Christmas is not the only time to brighten your exterior.

No Color? Plan to Add Some for Next Winter

Some plants and trees exhibit color throughout the year. Evergreens, of course, offer color all the time. When some plants or trees complement a green and possibly white (snow) backdrop, the view can be stunning. Some trees and bushes sprout berries that remain intact during much of the winter. Not only does the red or other color berries stand out against the winter background, but these are also excellent food sources for many types of birds. Holly or small crabapple trees are outstanding options for this purpose.

Better Homes and Gardens offers more wintertime ideas to consider. Look for plants with wintertime foliage to add more contrast to your wintertime. Plants such as ornamental grasses, dianthus and others can add real interest.

Think about adding dogwoods and birch trees to the scene. The bark of these lovely trees contribute contrasting color and texture to your scene. HouseLogic offers several other color options for a wintertime scene. These include:

  • Flowering Quince
  • Snowdrop
  • Winterberry
  • Witch Hazel
  • Carmellia, some varieties
  • Christmas Rose
  • Sweet Box

Plan Ahead

To gain the benefit of year-round pleasure in your plantings and adornments, plan ahead. Professional landscapers and gardeners can offer useful advice regarding wintertime additions. It is not necessary to run out in freezing weather to plant and build.