The Business Benefits of Offering Tree Removal

tree removal serviceTree removal is no longer as difficult as it once was. In the past, you had to have the skills and equipment to not only climb a tree, but to remove the debris once you were done. Today, trucks with buckets and massive portable chippers that can handle just about anything you throw at them have made tree removal a more routine job. If you run a landscaping or lawn care business, you may want to consider adding tree removal to your list of available services. Here is why.

Tree Removal Is Not a DIY Project

Years ago, everyone had a chainsaw and knew how to use it. People also burned a lot of wood to heat their homes. Most people do not have a need for a chainsaw more than once or twice in their entire lives now and very few people rely on wood to heat their homes. Most people would rather have a professional remove a tree and then take the wood away, leaving a pristine lawn where the tree once stood. Hiring a professional is also safer, the finished result is likely to be better, and there is no need to own dangerous equipment that will hardly ever get used. Including tree removal services as part of your overall service offerings makes you a well-rounded landscaper and gives you something to “sell” to customers who already know how reliable and professional you are in other areas.

It Makes You a Better Landscaper

Learning how and when to remove tress (preferably before they fall onto something) is a skill that can give you a deeper understanding of the health of a landscape. Learning which trees need to be removed is also a lesson in which trees do not need to be removed. You’ll learn a great deal about salvaging trees, which will make you a hero to customers who cannot stand to part with their favorite maple, elm, or white pine.

Tree Removal Can Earn You Money

The average cost of a tree removal is $650, but homeowners can spend anywhere from $75 to $1,500 depending on the size of the tree and how difficult it is to remove. With the right equipment, cutting down a large tree and discarding the debris takes just a few hours of work and very little fuel (chainsaws don’t use all that much fuel). In fact, removing trees and caring for trees that homeowners are trying to save can be very lucrative.

Don’t forget that additional services generate additional income. For instance, you can offer stump grinding as a value-add. The chipped wood you end up with can be sold as mulch or as fodder for making pellets that are burned in wood stoves. You may even be able to sell the firewood itself.

The Bottom Line on Tree Removal

Adding tree removal services to your repertoire isn’t just good for your bottom line, it is good for your reputation as well. The more well-rounded your company is, the more likely you name is to come up in conversations that your existing clients have with potential new clients. The more services you offer, the more likely it is that you will become the “go-to” company for everything from sod and lawn mowing services to tree removal and hardscape installation.