Tree Transplanting With A Tree Spade

Tree transplanting is pretty difficult work for any professional landscaper or nurserymen. It’s not technically difficult, just laborious. It is especially difficult when you’re relocating large trees for your clients. The root system is vast and the root ball is heavy. Employing a compact tree spade like the ProLine™ SHOVEL, makes this process much easier.

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Tree spades were originally designed for commercial use at nurseries, big machines that were single use equipment, however spade attachments for smaller skid-steers are available for more modest businesses and independent professional landscapers.

Perhaps just one benefits of our ProLine™ landscape equipment is that many are multi-purpose. While the ProLine™ SHOVEL can be used for things like moving landscaping material from point A to point B, we aren’t suggesting that it should be used for tasks that are far from its original intended use, this could be unsafe to the operator as well as cause damage to the working area. That being said, you can use the ProLine™ SHOVEL to easily and safely move root balls up to 48”. It can be conveniently used to move cull trees and stumps, or even used for placing mulch, crushed stone, or wet concrete in a more precise location.

All the multi-use set aside, a tree spade is the first tool (maybe the last) tool you’ll use to begin the process of transplanting a tree, particularly for landscapers. The difference between the tree spades used on big commercial farms and the ones used by landscapers is not how they function, but not where they function

Remember traditional tree spades were designed for these large farms and nurseries. As a landscaper, your work was all manual because you couldn’t simply move this big huge tree spade into someone’s yard. Even now, some of the larger spades are too cumbersome to effectively use in a compact, residential, zero lot line yard. The ProLine™ SHOVEL is compact enough to maneuver in these small spaces, yet, designed to take on tasks as big as other larger tree spades in their class.

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