Don’t Let Your Landscape Business Dry Up

droughtIf predictions hold true, water will become an ever scarcer resource as the climate becomes drier for many people. For landscape businesses, offering drought tolerate solutions makes sense regardless of how climate predictions pan out. After all, most people want their yards and businesses to look great without having to put forth too much effort or dig too deep into their pockets for maintenance. Drought tolerant plants make sense for a landscape business for number of reasons, here are just a few.

Save Customers and Your Business Money

Drought tolerant plants can save your customers a fortune by cutting their water bills. Landscaping is an investment and no one wants their investment to go belly up. If your customers buy plants that require diligent watering, they are stuck watering those plants when the weather gets dry. If you convince them of the money-saving benefits of drought tolerant plants, they will be singing your praises during the height of summer rather than cursing the ground you walk on.

It isn’t just customers who will save money with drought tolerant plants, you will save as well. First, costs for upkeep will be lower because you will not have to water as often. More importantly, however, is the fact that you leave plants sit at a property for longer before installing them. This provides more flexibility on delivery and installation schedules, which can help you consolidate trips and save fuel, man hours, and frustration.

Cash in on Lawn Removal

The days of lush green lawns in the middle of desert vistas are a thing of the past. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas and beyond, new developments are either voluntarily installing drought tolerant landscapes or are mandated to do so by building codes. Existing property owners want to do their part for the environment and cash in on rebates as well, which is why so many of them are getting rid of their lawns.

A robust business model in drier climates should include a lawn removal service that specializes in replacing water-loving grass and landscape with more frugal plants. In some places, local and state governments offer rebates to customers who remove their water-intensive plants and lawns. Customers can sign these rebates over to landscape companies to do the work. It’s a great way to get work and ensure you get paid.

Sourcing Drought Tolerant and Fire-Resistant Plants

Drought tolerant landscapes are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in western states where water is in short supply. There is an entirely new niche to fill offering both native and exotic drought tolerant plants to eco-conscious consumers. Businesses interested in capitalizing on this trend, which is sure to hang around for some time to come, can look to California, the Mediterranean, Western Australia, and other dry climates to source plants that not only tolerate dry conditions, but thrive in them. Invest in things like drought-deciduous bushes, succulents, and low-sap evergreens. Don’t forget to offer fire-resistant landscaping options as well. Dry climates demand attention to potential fire hazards.

Offering drought tolerant plants isn’t just a one-sided business either. These plants require unique care that water-loving plants do not. They will need proper growth substrates (e.g. mulch, stones, sand, etc.), alternative fertilizers, and careful winter protection in certain regions. Selling drought tolerant plants and installing drought tolerant landscapes is an all-encompassing business model with a very bright outlook.